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Madden NFL 21 will be on Steam at launch too

The ball is fumbled on the pig iron, and it's good! Electronic Arts have now announced Madden NFL 21, their latest annual American sporting sequel, and it will be on both Origin and Steam and launch. I know EA have been going on about their reinvigorated commitment to Steam for a while now, but between this and Star Wars: Squadrons both coming to Steam at…

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Madden NFL 20 makes a play for PC on August 2nd

As many Jon Bois videos as I watch, there are few sports I understand less than American Football, but even I know that some folks will be glad to hear that Madden NFL 20 is PC-bound. Madden 19 was the first game in the series to score a PC touchdown in eleven years, so there was some concern that we'd never see the sequel, but…

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Feature: Take a knee

Madden NFL 19 review

I’ve got a lot to thank the Madden NFL franchise for. My first copy of it was the 2002 edition, featuring Daunte Culpepper as cover star, Kerry Collins as quarterback for my now beloved New York Giants and a host of other athletes now labelled ‘vintage’. It was the perfect way to learn and appreciate the complex rules inherent to American football and it sparked…

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