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Odd god game Crest ascends from Early Access

Crest Cover

Gods come in all shapes and sizes. Video games love to introduce us to gods and let us become them or destroy them or in some cases, eat them. What the new Swedish indirect deity-sim Crest presupposes is this: “What if you were more of a libertarian god?” And that’s a… well, not a good question, but decidedly a very interesting question. Especially when it comes to converting that into an entertaining game.

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Spot hippos and explore new islands in Crest update

Crest Exploration

You’re no longer restricted to controlling a single island in early access god game Crest [official site]: the latest update means your followers can sail off to explore the world around them. If you didn’t know, Crest is a religion simulator in which you can only interact with your subjects by issuing vague commandments in the “if [subject] then [verb] [object]” form. They’re supposed to be ambiguous, and it’s unlikely your people will do want you want them to do. Most likely, they’ll die of starvation, but hey-ho, you can just fire up another procedurally-generated world and start again.

The update, which adds an ‘Exploration Module’, is full of stuff. As well as getting in boats and heading for new shores, your followers can terraform land. Island variety is up (there’s now beaches, cliffs and harbours), and there’s new commandments to try out. Oh, and you’ll now spot hippos in the water, which is surely the biggest addition. Read the full list (which is somewhat vague itself) here.

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God Game Crest Wants To Make Monthly Content

The developers at Eat Create Sleep managed to tame that wild horse crowdfunding a little over a year ago. In 2014, using Indiegogo they raised just over $21,000 to create an interactive god game called Crest [official site] – where players take on the role of an unseen force who can express commandments to its island denizens, which can be interpreted and misinterpreted by followers to dire consequence. The game is in Early Access until sometime this December, say its makers, and they’ve already have some ideas on how to fund some regular content before and after release.

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Molyneuxian Commandments: God Game Crest

You and your chastity!

God game Crest sounds like a Peter Molyneux idea, and I say that with the greatest of affection. It’s the sort of thing he might idly muse about in an interview, not realising people might then expect that to appear in a game. Crest is a civilization-building strategy where players have no direct control over their followers, instead laying down commandments to influence their behaviour.

Developers Eat Create Sleep are trying to ride that old bucking crowdfunding bronco, and have released a prototype so you can give it a bash. Come have a look.

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