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Feature: A Dim Bulb

Torchlight 3 review: A disappointing and dreary return

At the end of the first of three acts in Torchlight III, there's a boss character who repeats two of the same barks over and over. One is "This should be fun." The other is "Let's make it interesting." I couldn't help but hear both as the ignored voice of a quiet developer at the back of a Torchlight III planning meeting.Torchlight III feels an…

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Torchlight 3 has finally ventured out of early access

Dungeon diving loot 'em up Torchlight 3 leaves early access today. Eight years after its stellar hack 'n' slash predecessor, with a studio closure and a complete pivot away from a shared-world online vision, it's kind of amazing the game's even made it this far. But now, Torchlight 3's long journey towards being a pretty alright goblin-puncher finally comes to an end.

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Torchlight 3 ventures out of early access next month

It's been a strange and murky road for monster-bashing diablike Torchlight 3. But even after the closure of series creators Runic games, a pivot away from the persistent online plans of Torchlight Frontiers, and a brief stint in Steam Early Access, Echtra's loot-grabbing threequel is finally preparing to face the cold light of a full release this October 13th - and it's brought some fancy…

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Torchlight 3 wraps up its campaign with a new zone on Monday

A little under a month after hitting Early Access, Torchlight 3 is already preparing to wrap up its story campaign. The early access diablike's first major update adds Mount Echonok, the third and final piece of Torchlight's story map, closing out the campaign with steam-powered robots, cyborg scavengers, and cleans up the game's more egregious bugs this coming Monday.

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Surprise! Torchlight 3 is out in early access right now

With no warning, Torchlight 3 launched into early access today. The action-RPG brings a whole heap more monsters to click on into they burst in a shower of coins and trousers. Torchlight 3 grew out of Torchlight Frontiers, which was to be a free-to-play persistent online game until they realised people didn't want that. Sounds like the launch is having some server problems, mind, which…

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Torchlight 3 will share future plans on Friday when the closed beta ends

Next up in the hack and slashin' RPG series, Torchlight 3 previously had a change of heart after starting life as an online game called Torchlight Frontiers. Echtra Games have now announced that the currently-running closed beta will wrap this Friday. Now that they're back in familiar territory, Echtra are planning some livestreamed announcements on the same day to talk about when the game will be…

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Torchlight 3 shows off its spirit-summoning sharpshooter class

Torchlight 3, which was previously known as Torchlight Frontiers before it pivoted back to the series' singleplayer roots, has put out a trailer showing off the first of its playable classes. Every hack an' slash 'em up is required to have a primarily ranged class so come take a gander at it. The sharpshooter appears to wield a bow, gun, and—wait, spirits? Alright then.

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Torchlight 3, formerly known as Frontiers, is coming this summer

Echtra games have announced today that Torchlight 3, sequel to the nearly eight year old Torchlight 2, is coming this summer. But wait, aren't they also developing Torchlight Frontiers? Yes, they're the same thing. Sort of. Frontiers was originally planned for a 2019 release and eventually delayed into this year. It's starting out the new decade with a new name, new payment model, and new focus.

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Torchlight Frontiers trailer shows steampunk mechs, exploding goblins and a tiny train

Announced two weeks ago, we're finally getting our first peek at how co-op action RPG Torchlight Frontiers looks in motion. While there's still some big talk about the game being a "shared world" that new developers Echtra Games have yet to explain, the new trailer looks enough like Torchlight 2 to me, which is all I'm looking for in a sequel like this.  Take a peek…

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Torchlight Frontiers taking action-RPG to ‘shared world’

Perfect World Entertainment today announced a new game in the action-RPG series Torchlight, nine months after shutting down the studio which created it. But some scraps of Runic Games have survived to make Torchlight Frontiers, as this new one is named, including Runic co-founder Max Schaefer and other unnamed former Torchlight folks at his new studio, Echtra Games. Weird. What a weird situation. Torchlight Frontiers…

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