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Out Of Controls: Edmund


Brrrrrrr. I just had a thoroughly unpleasant gaming experience. Edmund, by Paul Greasley. It’s a game about playing a rapist. So, you know, you might not want to click. It’s deeply horrible. It is, however, an impressively presented game, and one that raises some very interesting questions about interaction.

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Loss And Panic: Time Kfcu Trailer

Well I dunno.

Edmund “Meat Boy” McMillen’s next project, if you don’t count Super Meat Boy on Wii (oh, and Hitlers Must Die), is going by the cyclical name of Time Fkuc. Created as part of the Power Of Three competition on Newsgrounds, McMillen is co-creating Time Cukf with William Good and Justin Karpel. Not a great deal is know yet, beyond McMillen’s cryptic descriptions, that it’s going to be out on the 1st September, and that which can be gleaned from the teaser trailer below.

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