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Awww: Dreadline Hits Kickstarter Deadline, Falls Short

Sad to say, life's not fair. Not even for mummies.

Well, here’s a big, fat downer. You remember Dreadline, right? I mean, of course you do. Given that you’re an RPS reader of scholarly disposition and handsome taste, you probably donated all of your worldly possessions to the ex-Irrational/Harmonix debut’s cause. I mean, it’s about a team of time-traveling monsters mucking up major historical moments, and it’s got heaping chunks of Freedom Force nestled within  its pile of Frankensteinian limbs. So I guess the bright side here is that you get to keep all your things. But really, that’s pitiable consolation for the fact that Dreadline missed funding by a wide margin. It asked for a relatively tame $167,000, but only managed $23,408. Sigh. But there is, at least, some hope for the future.

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EVIL BOX! Dreadline Footage Appears In Kickstarter Vid

Remember Dreadline? It’s the RPG/RTS from an indie studio – Eerie Canal – including former Freedom Force/BioShock developers. It caught our eye last May, simply by its premise: a group of time travelling monsters who visit key moments of history to, well, kill people. You play as the monsters. This is a Good Idea. In the time since we’ve heard very little, but along with the inevitable Kickstarter, there’s now footage of the game in motion, and it really has met the promise of authentically rendering its distinctive, scratchy drawings.

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Monstrous Murders: Eerie Canal Talk Dreadline

Eerie Canal‘s Dreadline grabbed our attention last week. An RPG/RTS hybrid, from a five-person indie team made of former Irrational/Harmonix developers. That’s rather appealing. Even more so when you learn the game is about playing as a group of monsters who travel through time, killing humans during famous disasters. Wanting to find out more, and how they came to be working together, I spoke to three of the number, Bryn Bennett, Aaron DeMuth and Arthur Inasi, as well as prising out of them a couple of completely exclusive screenshots. Note that both are pre-alpha, and the UI is obviously temporary.

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Former Freedom Force/BioShock Devs Making: Dreadline

It's Ghost, the new starlet we've been hearing so much about!

Oh thank goodness – I was just getting all cross about something entirely unrelated to games, and then games made everything better! There’s a team made up of developers formerly of Irrational, Harmonix, and Iron Lore, wonderfully called Eerie Canal Entertainment. And they’re making a game about monsters who travel through history to kill people. Where you play as the monsters. It’s called Dreadline, and it’s PC only. I want it. There’s a teaser and more details about it below.

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