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Awww: Dreadline Hits Kickstarter Deadline, Falls Short

Well, here's a big, fat downer. You remember Dreadline, right? I mean, of course you do. Given that you're an RPS reader of scholarly disposition and handsome taste, you probably donated all of your worldly possessions to the ex-Irrational/Harmonix debut's cause. I mean, it's about a team of time-traveling monsters mucking up major historical moments, and it's got heaping chunks of Freedom Force nestled within…

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EVIL BOX! Dreadline Footage Appears In Kickstarter Vid

Remember Dreadline? It's the RPG/RTS from an indie studio - Eerie Canal - including former Freedom Force/BioShock developers. It caught our eye last May, simply by its premise: a group of time travelling monsters who visit key moments of history to, well, kill people. You play as the monsters. This is a Good Idea. In the time since we've heard very little, but along with…

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Feature: Interview

Monstrous Murders: Eerie Canal Talk Dreadline

Eerie Canal's Dreadline grabbed our attention last week. An RPG/RTS hybrid, from a five-person indie team made of former Irrational/Harmonix developers. That's rather appealing. Even more so when you learn the game is about playing as a group of monsters who travel through time, killing humans during famous disasters. Wanting to find out more, and how they came to be working together, I spoke to…

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Former Freedom Force/BioShock Devs Making: Dreadline

Oh thank goodness - I was just getting all cross about something entirely unrelated to games, and then games made everything better! There's a team made up of developers formerly of Irrational, Harmonix, and Iron Lore, wonderfully called Eerie Canal Entertainment. And they're making a game about monsters who travel through history to kill people. Where you play as the monsters. It's called Dreadline, and…

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