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eGames Announce Which Games Are Going To Rio

The competitive games being featured as part of the eGames competition over in Rio from 15-16 August has been announced. Remember the eGames? They were announced a little while ago as an esports tournament that would run alongside the Olympics in Rio but wouldn’t actually be part of the Olympics. So a kind of Olympics-ish-by-proximity affair which seemed to be experimenting with the idea of a tournament run on the basis of representing your country and gaining medals and national glory instead of, say, a multimillion dollar prize.

When the event was announced they hadn’t actually got the list of games to be featured but today’s announcement explains that it will be Hi-Rez’s gods-brawler Smite and then Super Smash Bros on Wii U. They’re also showcase matches so… it doesn’t really feel like they’re saying anything is at stake?

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eGames: Esports Is Heading To The Rio 2016 Olympics

The London Games Festival’s esports summit saw the announcement of the “eGames“. It’s an international esports competition intended to take place during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and is being billed as “an international gaming tournament where national pride is the prize”. Also medals. Medals are the prize.

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