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Project Godulous: Reprisal Universe

Almost three years ago to the day, Reprisal appeared and I saw that it was good. Firmly in the terraforming tradition of God game Godfather Populous, Reprisal is a game of powers and control over tiny little warring tribes. The free version is still available to play and it may act as a perfect antidote for any poor souls inflicted with a severe case of projectile Godus. The expanded commercial release is due on September 15th and it’s looking tasty.

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Elemental, My Deus: Reprisal Desktop

There are loads of games that I’ve continued to revisit over the years. I used to keep old PCs around the place, like time machines, always ready to conjure up a command line prompt, and autoexec.bat and config.sys files in need of tinkering. I never play Populous anymore though, neither it nor its first sequel, so indie homage Reprisal is the closest I’ve been to those deilightful days of my youth for many years. It’s great. The worst thing about it was its insistence on living in a browser and not allowing a right click to lower land. Sounds like a small thing but, damn, it’s annoying. Well, a desktop version fixes that, although only the demo of this new version is free.

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Flattened Earth Society: Reprisal

Richard Dawkins wants you to boycott this game
I’m going to talk about an indie game called Reprisal, but first some theology. In the recent past, From Dust came out and it wasn’t Populous. It wasn’t even Populous with iffy controls, it steadfastly refused to be Populous at all despite being based around Godlike powers and terrain manipulation. Before that, Black and White came out and flirted with the idea of being Populous but then decided it would just be a bit like Populous with a lot more lobbing of poo and caressing of cows. Cardinal sins. Earlier still, Magic Carpet came into being and was actually incredibly similar to Populous, despite the fact the player controlled a wizard riding some flying fabric rather than an actual god of any sort. Heretical. Odd that despite its massive influence, much of Populous’ core remains its own. Now, electrolyte* have delivered unto us a mini-Populous for the browser. It’s in a pre-beta state but it’s playable for two short levels and, by God, it’s all rather lovely and nostalgic.

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