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Baby Yoda is coming to your Star Wars: Squadrons dashboard

Baby Yoda, the Yoda that's also a baby, is coming to Star Wars: Squadrons as part of a new set of decorative ship bits. New Republic pilots will be able to have the breakout star from Disney's Galaxy High School Musical sitting on their dashboard, though it's only a model - he won't be fiddling with your radio. EA have said they've no plans for…

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Apex Legends new character might have the saddest backstory yet

I love all these online multiplayer games revealing lore through cool animations, but who gave them the right to make me so dang sad? Apex Legends' brand new video in its Stories From The Outlands series gives a bit of backstory on upcoming Legend Horizon - and it involves leaving her young son at home while she jets off to space to save the world.Sure,…

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The best Apex Legends match I’ve had in ages ended in fisticuffs

This week, I had my first Apex Legends boxing match. If you're a fan of the battle royale, you may have seen clips of this phenomenon on social media. It's when squads of total strangers manage to make peace, drop all their guns and armour, and settle their final standoff by throwing hands (and occasionally feet). This will never happen to me, I thought, I'm…

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Apex Legends raises wallrunning from the dead for this year’s Fight Or Fright

They're doing it! By god, they're doing it! Apex Legends is gearing up for its big Halloween monster mash - and this time, the demons are crawling all over the goddamn walls. This year's Fight or Fright event is bringing wallrunning back from Titanfall 2, but only for those Legends unfortunate enough to succumb to undeath.

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Feature: Scares as iconic as Aiden's cap

Add Hill House and the Bates Motel to The Sims 4 for the season of pumpkins

As the nights draw ever closer, and the windows of the local Tesco grow ever more pumpkiny, I have been burrowing into blankets, putting a hot water bottle on my feetsies (because we don't want to turn on the heating yet) and wallowing in some classic scares. But I have found this harder to do with games. Most games are, obviously, a very interactive experience,…

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The Sims 4 hits the slopes in new expansion Snowy Escape, with a trailer reveal today

EA have partially revealed the newest expansion pack for The Sims 4 - showing a modest glimpse of shoulder, if you will. But friends, it is a cold shoulder. The expansion is called Snowy Escape, and until a trailer is revealed later today, that's pretty much all we have to go on. That, and a screenshot collage of cheery Sims doing winter sport activities like…

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Apex Legends came out two hours late so a developer could finalise his daughter’s adoption

It turns out when Apex Legends came out last year, Respawn released it a couple of hours later than planned. This wasn't down to server issues or last-minute bugs, though. The battle royale's launch was pushed back by two hours because the studio's former lead programmer had a court appointment to finalise his daughter's adoption on the very same morning.

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Feature: Does Star Wars: Squadrons have crossplay?

Star Wars: Squadrons crossplay guide: how does it work?

With Star Wars: Squadrons, the new and highly skill-based spaceflight-'em-up, EA and Motive have taken a lot of steps to ensure that as many people as possible will be able to pilot the Star Wars fighter of their dreams, whatever equipment they're on. This quickfire Squadrons guide will answer the question of whether crossplay exists in Star Wars: Squadrons, and everything you need to know…

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Puyo Bock holds the secret to naming Star Wars: Squadrons pilots

I've never understood Star Wars names. On one hand, you've got perfectly normal blokes with names like Luke or Ben, and then someone will stroll on up and deadpan introduce themselves as "Dash Rendar" or "Wedge Antilles". It's enough to have you wondering where they come up with these names. In the case of one Star Wars: Squadrons pilot, at least, there's a good chance…

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Star Wars: Squadrons has no plans for post-launch content

With most games that Electronic Arts publish these days, I tend to just assume that there will be some form of extra content or microtransaction lying in wait for me. I'm pleasantly surprised, however, to discover that's not the case with Star Wars: Squadrons. The spacey flight sim came out last week, and what we got was the whole package, because EA says they have…

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Feature: How to win Fleet Battles: a definitive guide

Star Wars: Squadrons Fleet Battles guide: how to destroy Capital Ships with ease

Fleet Battles is the main game mode in Star Wars: Squadrons, and it's a pretty tricky mode to wrap your head around. There are Capital Ships, there are Flagships, there are AI ships and player ships, there's Morale and you're constantly switching between attacking and defending... Our Fleet Battles guide looks to straighten things out once and for all, explaining exactly how Fleet Battles work…

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Feature: The ultimate Support loadout for Star Wars: Squadrons

Best U-wing loadout in Star Wars: Squadrons

Support-class ships like the U-wing in Star Wars: Squadrons probably have the biggest role to play in any victory. Most players avoid these ships because they're slow and weak and you won't get many kills with them, but for players who don't mind the life of a support character, you can absolutely carry your team to victory by following my best U-wing loadout guide below.

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Feature: No one can follow you with this A-wing loadout

Best A-wing loadout in Star Wars: Squadrons

The nimble A-wing is one of the Republic's deadliest ships in Star Wars: Squadrons, thanks to its agility and damage potential. Most Republic players I've come across tend to use A-wings in both Dogfight and Fleet Battles, but I rarely see anyone doing it right. Below I'll walk you through my best A-wing loadout for Squadrons, along with an explanation of how to play it…

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Feature: For a few spaceships more

Star Wars: Squadrons review

My opinion of Star Wars: Squadrons is all over the place. I was excited when it was announced, as I'd been yearning for a proper Star Wars flight sim for years. But then I reined in my expectations, because my bland triple-A release sense was tingling. I played a few hours of Squadrons as soon as it launched, and finished my session feeling a bit…

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Feature: Our X-wing loadout gives you one of the Republic's strongest ships

Best X-wing loadout in Star Wars: Squadrons

The X-wing is the pride of the Republic fleet in Star Wars: Squadrons, and it's also a dang fine ship. Great damage and great survivability combine to create a fantastic base for our best X-wing loadout, which adds a tonne of mobility to help destroy any Empire ship that dares challenge you. Check it out below!

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Feature: Use this Y-wing loadout to turn any enemy into scrap

Best Y-wing loadout in Star Wars: Squadrons

Whenever I see a Y-wing in Star Wars: Squadrons without the right loadout, I let out an audible groan. This is one of the strongest ships in the game if you kit it out correctly, but it seems most players haven't yet discovered this. If you've not yet given the Y-wing a proper go, follow our best Y-wing loadout guide below and see what you…

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Feature: These Squadrons loadouts are top of the meta right now

The best Star Wars: Squadrons loadouts for each ship class

Star Wars: Squadrons, we can all agree, has a pretty steep learning curve. Particularly once you jump into multiplayer matches and realise that your ship loadouts have an enormous impact on your success, and the outcome of a match. But if you're finding yourself constantly at the bottom of the scoreboard, don't despair. I was you once: and now I'm the top fragger in nearly…

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Star Wars: Squadrons pilot crashes into a Star Destroyer, comes out on top

Whether weaving inches away from asteroids or losing TIEs in the guts of a space station, Star Wars: Squadrons wants you to feel like you're pulling off stunts ripped straight from the films. For one pilot, however, it wasn't the trench run that needed recreating, but the moment a doomed rebel pilot smashes his hatchback-sized starship into the bridge of a Star Destroyer. Turns out,…

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