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Posts tagged “Elegy For A Dead World”

Write ‘Em Up: Elegy For A Dead World Released

"Wander around weird worlds looking at stuff then write about that" sounds like my job, but it's also Elegy for a Dead World. Trapped on distant and dead alien worlds inspired by Romantic poets, our intrepid explorer wanders around, wondering what happened there and how they once were. Then we write little notes for other players to read, sharing our visions. Our John quite liked…

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Ghost In The Shelley: Elegy For A Dead World

The Kickstarter page for Dejobaan's Elegy For a Dead World gets straight to the point - "A game about writing fiction", reads the subtitle - and the pitch video is short and sweet. It's also captivating, bringing to my tired mind a vision of a single player take on Jason Rohrer's Sleep is Death. The worlds of Elegy are pre-constructed and even the names of…

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