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Element4l Still Looks Delightful, Releases This Week


Yes, there’s a four in Element4l‘s title. John already went over that, and lo didest a pun thread of the mightiest proportions congeal beneath his article. Goodness, though, what an enchanting little game we have hiding behind that oppressively silly numeral. It’s a beautifully minimal thing, but with lights, shadows, and glimmers of mystery in just the right places. You, meanwhile, are an adorably amorphous elemental blobthing, and rapidly bouncing back and forth between your various natures is the only way to survive each level. Warning: the launch trailer after the break contains dangerous quantities of wonderment. You will probably swoon until your lungs crumble into confetti. Proceed cautiously.

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Element4l Is A Stupid Name, But A Very Pretty Game

Here’s how to make me want to like your game: Fuzzy backgrounds and pretty music. Here’s how to make me want to not like your game: Replace a letter in the title with a number. But on watching I-Illusions’s trailer for, nrrgghh, Element4l, the former seems to be the winner. The puzzle platformer looks absolutely gorgeous, and more importantly, intriguing. And the music is just so very pretty. They even write the blasted 4 in a lovely font.

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