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War That Rises From The Ashes Of War: EndWar Online

A new trailer for EndWar Online informs us that the browser-based MOBA-like will be undergoing a three-day test phase beginning this Thursday. You can register to be part of this pre-beta test, which has the callsign Tech Assault, by registering at the official website. The new trailer is a hyperactive cinematic so I looked back at an earlier video to see how the game plays. I’ve embedded both below. The longer trailer is quite impressive, beginning with the words ‘Middle East Nuked’ and rapidly escalating to the terrible consequence of that action – ‘Oil Prices Soar’. At one point the text declares, ‘You thought it was over but war never ends’. I hadn’t realised that the title was a futile command.

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Tom Clancy’s Endwar Returning… As A Browser MOBA

The only way to end war is with more war.

Everyone, calm down. It’s OK. Tom Clancy’s ENDWAR— ahem, Endwar (which is the one game I actually¬†wish its creators would refer to entirely in caps) isn’t dead. I know you were all terribly worried, but you can breathe easily now. Use both lungs instead of just one. Stop shoving entire wine corks up your nostrils. As it turns out, Endwar’s war to end all wars did not, in fact, end war, so Endwar Online will pick up its warring right where Endwar ended. There is, however, a twist: the new game under Endwar’s shell-shocked umbrella isn’t really an RTS. If anything, I’d say it’s closer to a fusion of MOBA-style roles/progression and tower defense mechanics. Also, the whole thing’s browser-based, and the goal is for matches to last roughly three minutes a piece. Witness the beginning of the end(war) in trailer form after the break.

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