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Eric Ruth: Demakes, Corril Slayer, & Wanking To Antiques

Not a real photo.

When you’re at a gaming event, often times you can sit down with someone to chat, put on the recorder, and see what happens. That’s very much how I approached lunch with demaking champion Eric Ruth, and his friend and colleague, Ben Walsh, CEO of Pure Bang. It was an interesting dynamic, Ben a calm, sensible man who carefully chooses his words, experienced in the world of gaming from his years working at Bethesda. Eric… not so much. Eric sounds like a professional wrestler smack-talking about his next match. Incredibly fast-paced, and impressively driven, he’s a force of passion with a remarkable past. Clearly Ben’s goal is to mediate what Eric says. Ben does not succeed at this. We chatted shortly after the release of his most recent game, Corril Slayer, with no real agenda in mind, which is how we get to talking about Eric’s history of homelessness, the difficulty of pricing games, and masturbating to antiques programmes. We also chat a lot about the making of Corril Slayer, and the place of the $3 indie game.

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