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Final Chapter: Eschalon Book III Out, Demo Available

Eschalon isn’t a Spiderweb series of traditional RPGs, with an isometric viewpoint, turn-based combat and free-stylin’ character customisation. If you were to watch a video you might think that was the case but Eschalon is actually a series of traditional RPGs from Basilisk Games. It features an isometric viewpoint, turn-based combat and free-stylin’ character customisation. The third and final entry has been a long time coming, and now that it’s upon us, I’m forced to consider replaying the previous games so that I can play the trilogy back-to-back. They are quite long though and my time is short. I’d strongly recommend the games to anyone hankering for slow-paced pen and paper style roleplaying, and you don’t have to start from the beginning – there are recaps for latecomers. The trilogy is available at a discount until February 28th though. Just sayin’. Also, demos.

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Everyday I Write The: Eschalon: Book II

Having defeated Paul, John, George and Ringo converged to wreck bloody revenge.

I wasn’t going to post about this, thinking it a book. And we’re a game site, and don’t do self-indulgent things like talking about books or linking to pop music, so it’s no use. Thankfully, Schaulustiger was here to explain that Eschalon: Book II it’s actual an Indie RPG sequel to 2007’s Eschalon: Book I. Which I also had disregarded as being another book. I’m useless, me. It’s an old-school solo RPG, stat heavy and enormous. Or so sez Schaulustiger. You can get the demo here and – if it tickles your kobold-fancies – you can buy it for twenty-five dollars here. Or thirty-five if you want a DVD. AND VIDEO FOLLOWS…
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