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Ant Simulator Cancelled Amidst Accusations And Conflicting Reports (Real Life Ants Still Fascinating)

Things I am relatively certain of: Ant Simulator [official site] is cancelled and I am sad about that.

Things I am far less certain of: pretty much everything else that’s happening regarding Ant Simulator

This is because the creator’s resignation from the project involved accusations that his business partners were using funding to pay for liquor and restaurants and so on, and they’ve now responded with their version of the story which details a a very different story.

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Ant Simulator Looks Pretty, Also Real Ants Make Terrifying Traps

Ants. Ants. Ants. Ants.


That has been my thought process as I try to write about Ant Simulator this morning. Ant Simulator [official site]’s developers have released a rather lovely-looking video to show off the new lighting for the game and I am here to talk about it. Except I keep accidentally getting distracted by even more ant videos and ant facts. Let’s look at the video and then I will tell you about an amazingly horrible ant trap:

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