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Steel Division 2 deploys to the Eastern Front today

After a multitude of delays, mega-scale WW2 RTS Steel Division 2 is out now. Another in Eugen Systems's line of extra chunky strategy games (including RUSE and the Wargame series), this one steps up from the relatively small maps of the original Steel Division's Normandy campaign and into the sprawling plains of Russia. One for the historical grognard crew, which is why we have Tim…

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Steel Division 2 deploys on April 4th with perks for Normandy 44 owners

World War 2 RTS Steel Division 2 is due to roll out on April 4th, despite messy labour disputes greatly reducing the size of developer Eugen Systems. Owners of the original Steel Division; Normandy 44 are getting some nice treats if they pick up the sequel, including eight exclusive divisions to control, with over 350 units (mostly returning plus a few new ones) split between them.…

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Steel Division studio fires six formerly-striking devs for ‘misuse of tools’

Embattled strategy studio Eugen Systems (Wargame, Steel Division) remains at war with itself. As reported by Gamasutra, the company fired six employees on December 19th - almost a quarter of its remaining staff - who were involved in a two-month strike last year over pay disputes. Eugen have now stated the reason for the six were fired was because they "used a professional tool for an inappropriate…

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Eugen’s WW2 RTS Steel Division begins an offensive on the sequel front

Eugen Systems are ready to resume their European offensive. Steel Division: Normandy 44 was occasionally a bit dry thanks to its multiplayer/skirmish focus, but still one of the most exciting historical real-time strategy games released in years. Today, they announced a sequel - Steel Division 2 - set against the backdrop of Operation Bagration, another 1944 conflict, this one pitting Nazi Germany up against the…

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