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Also From EGX: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Talk

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is pretty much one of those games we can’t help getting excited about. LEGO Spider-Man! LEGO The Hulk! That’s the stuff. Anyway, some folk talked about it at the Eurogamer Expo, which made for some entertaining watching. Join in with that, below.

The game is due on 18th October for North America, and 15th November in the UK and Europe, which seems completely like they are just trying to make us unhappy. Way to ruin pre-Christmas Christmas, you soulless distribution villains!
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See CDP Explain The Mad Scope Of The Witcher 3

Of the many, many games I have seen this year, The Witcher 3 stands out as just ridiculously ambitious, as I explained in this article. If you want to get a handle on just what a challenge CD Projekt’s Polish RPG commandos have set for themselves, you should take a look at the presentation they gave at the Eurogamer Expo last weekend. I’m not saying this game is definitely going to flatten the RPG opposition in the coming years – because they are biting off what only a monster can truly chew – but I can’t see any other icebergs as ominous or as enormous as this one.
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Also From EGX, And Montreal: Batman Talk

While we’re honking the tune of Eurogamer Expo happenings, it’s worth pointing to the appearance of Batman: Arkham Oranges at the developer sessions. Montrealians from Warner Bros swooped in on their Batcapes to London’s spired gothamscape, and explained a whole bunch of what to expect from the latest street-vigilante skullthumper. It’s looking absolutely astonishing, as you might expect.

In related Batman news: there’s going to be a permadeath mode in the new game, for the most hardcore of man battings.
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BREAKING: PC Games Will Be At Eurogamer Expo 2013

I wish instead of the Eurogamer Expo we were bringing 90s TV sensation Gladiators back and having all the developers fight it out in the Expo centre
Do you know the way to Eurogamerexpo woah woah woah woah woah woah woah? Because it’s just been announced there will be a bunch of cool stuff for you to play at Eurogamer Expo, Earls Court, London, from Thursday 26th September to Sunday 29th September. Eurogamer Expo is a giant games shenanigan, hosted by our friends and drinking buddies the Eurogamer Kids. RPS helps curate the Rezzed section of the Expo where all the most interesting indie games are kept, and copious other PC titles will be on show. And some sort of strange machine we are totally perplexed by. Is it called the Pess Four? Piece Far? Puss Fer? Anyway that will be there too. Our lovely pals at Eurogamer told us about it. Read the rest of this entry »