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The Kingdoms Bundle Is Strategically Impressive

The extent of my knowledge and understanding of strategy games is the breadth of smile they create on little Adam Smith’s cherubic face. So glancing at Bundle Stars’ Kingdoms Bundle, I could see a lovely, warm grin.

For £2.18 you get Europa Universalis III Complete, Europa Universalis: Rome Gold Edition, The King’s Crusade, Hearts Of Iron III, Sword Of The Stars Complete Collection, and Magicka.

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Near: Europa Universalis III Chronicles

Grand strategy Europa Universalis III is now swollen to the point of popping with four (count ’em) expansions, and these are all to be bundled in a single thing called Europa Universalis III Chronicles. The new bundle will be out on the 22nd of March. Quite why RPS hasn’t spent more time focusing on this multifarious historical strategy, which allows you to control any nation in Europe between the end of the 14th century and the start of the 19th century, is a bit beyond me, so maybe now’s the time for that to happen.

Aaaaand there’s a trailer below.
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EUIII: Divine Wind Arrives Dec 14th, Trailer

Creases! Creases!

Democracy in action, right here. Back in May Paradox Interactive asked their fans to vote on which Paradox game should get an expansion. Hearts of Iron 3? Victoria? NO, cried precisely 46% of the fans. EUROPA UNIVERSALIS III! And as if by magic, Europa Universalis III: Divine Wind will be arriving in a couple of weeks, adding an entirely new graphical style (look at the creases in the map above! o m g!) and a “wealth of new oriental provinces” to the 2007 enormo-strategy game. Divine Wind is EUIII’s fourth expansion, doncha know. I know all about EUIII. Look, here’s me gingerly trying the game before I got distracted by something shiny. Oh, do you want a trailer too? No problem.
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Europa Universalis 3: A Song For Connacht

Tis’ the season to be playing unwieldy grand strategy games! The Total War series has been losing my interest for a few years now (which is to say I now break for meals when playing them), but hope remains for my post-Christmas weight loss. I’ve finally found some time to check out the geektacular Europa Universalis III, and it just might just have what it takes to starve me down to size. Read about my attempt at steering the tiny Irish province of Connacht to glory, riches and global reknown after the jump. (Spoiler: It doesn’t go very well.)
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