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EVE: Queue-Skipping Edition

space, the final space

You! You there! You snivelling little workshy reprobate. You sicken me. I can’t even look at you. So I’m going to type at you with my eyes closed instead. I bet you’d really like to play EVE Onlne without havng to do too much of that tiresome levellung up business first, wouldn’t ou? I bet you’d love to shorutcut by paying money so someone else does that hard work for you, or it just happens aoutmostically.

Hey, that was pretty good. I really can type blind! And probably more accurately than with my eyes open, if I’m honest. So, yes: EVE: Commissioned Officer Edition is a retail re-release of the undying spaceship MMO, which grants you mega-levelling perks for the first 30 days of play. Good idea, bad idea?
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