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Eek Online: CCP Apologises

Actually, a real cybermonocle would cost much more than $68. What's everyone complaining about?

CCP hasn’t been making Eve players terribly happy of late, first by introducing microtransaction vanity items broadly perceived as being about as affordable as Ferrero Rocher made of real gold, then by suffering a leak of an internal discussion about how to make even more from microtransactoins, and most recently by a blog from their senior producer which tried to wave away these issues with some rather peculiar arguments. In the wake of a fan uproar, they’ve now held up their hands and admitted to making a bit of a boo-boo.
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Eve Online: Incursion (Part 2) Is Live!

The new update for Eve Online went up yesterday – the second part of Incursion, as I understand it – and it’s being celebrated with extended subs for those people who bought into the game during the launch of the first part of the game. This update also features lashings of new stuff, including the new character creator (above) for making the lumpy Eve character faces all pretty and stuff. (Although I suspect I would still make my bald old Amarrian into a bald old Amarrian.) Below I’ve posted a video in which CCP talk about “Beautification And Graphics Updates.”

Come on then. Hands up who is playing Eve? Make me jealous.
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