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Mojang have postponed Minecraft Festival over outbreak fears

Minecraft's return to convention floors will have to wait another year. Concerns over the new coronavirus have convinced Mojang to call it quits on this year's Minecraft Festival - a planned three-day Florida block party for all things Minecraft this September. Rather than risk the outbreak ending later rather than sooner, organisers are sticking to the online-only format that's served them well the last two…

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An Evening With The Old Men Of New Games Journalism

Older readers (and writers) may recall that, in the dim and distant days before Rock, Paper, Shotgun, our hallowed co-founder and now acclaimed comics writer Kieron Gillen proposed a profound change to games journalism: leave the pretence of objectivity behind, step away from the dry scores, the thinly-disguised marketing and the focus on facts and technicality, and embrace subjectivity, anecdote and emotion. His angry, passionate,…

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