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Dead Cells Fatal Fall DLC arrives later this month

It's not long now until Dead Cells takes a deadly descent into its next paid expansion. Motion Twin and Evil Empire just announced the hack 'n' slash roguelite's Fatal Fall DLC will launch on January 26th, bringing with it new biomes, new enemies and new weapons with which to whack 'em. One of those weapons is a lantern, which I thought maybe you'd just shine…

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Dead Cells update lets you become a katana-wielding Santa

You know what old Father Christmas is missing in all those festive films and games we know and love? A katana with which to sleigh (sorry) his enemies. But that's ok, because Dead Cells' latest update will let you don Santa's jolly red coat and unleash some holiday murder onto loads of monsters - including a new crossbow-wielding beastie. You could also dress up as…

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Dead Cells takes a Fatal Fall into another DLC expansion next year

Run 'n' dash 'n' slash 'em up roguelike Dead Cells is about to stumble straight into another piece of paid DLC. Today, Motion Twin's Dead Cells-centric subsidiary Evil Empire released a teaser for Fatal Falls, an expansion that's adding two new regions and all the baddies you'd need to fill 'em up when it drops early next year.

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Dead Cells buffs out its Bestiary in this week’s free update

Please don't touch the exhibits. Stab 'em, shoot 'em, or trap 'em with poisoned arrows? Sure, but please do not touch them. They're riled up enough as is. This week's free Bestiary Update brings nasty new foes to roguelite slash 'em up Dead Cells, alongside new tools to face them with and an overhaul to The Bad Seed's botanical wing. But once again, please. No…

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Dead Cells visits a greenhouse today in its Bad Seed DLC

Splendid 'n' deadly roguelikelike platformer Dead Cells today launches its first paid add-on, Bad Seed. Rather than increasing the length of the game, Bad Seed increases its breadth, adding two new levels as alternatives to two early-game murderzones. The verdant Arboretum and sour Swamp have their own new monsters too. The DLC also adds weapons like a honking great scythe and... is that a lute…

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Dead Cells’ first paid DLC is coming in February with new biomes, weapons, and more

After a good run of free game updates, Dead Cells is getting its first paid DLC. Matt got to try out the Bad Seed DLC late last year and chat with the off-shoot studio Evil Empire who created it for Motion Twin's hacky and slashy roguevanialike game. The official gameplay trailer for the DLC has landed today with a date next month for its release.

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Feature: They're fun guys

Dead Cells first paid DLC will let you get tossed by mushroom men

You can be killed by many things in run 'n' stab roguelike Dead Cells. There are pirate captains, football-sized assassins and horrible worms. There are robots that summon corpse flies, and skeletons in hats that turn into knife tornadoes. If you spend $5 on Dead Cells' first whack of paid DLC this January, you can also be chucked at spiky walls by mushroom men. They're…

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