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Road To Guangdong will take a road trip through 90s China

Pack a picnic, shout "Shotgun!", hop in the car, hit the road, and come back ten minutes later just to double-check you turned the oven off. It's almost time for a road trip through 1990s China in Road To Guangdong, announced this week for an early access launch in May. Fresh-faced graduated Sunny is off through the province of Guangdong with her Aunt to save…

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California Dreaming: American Truck Simulator

Christmas is, of course, the time when Santa Claus comes to visit every lucky boy and girl. He does that in the form of a rosy-cheeked image, plastered across the side of a Coca Cola truck. Nothing says "goodwill to all" quite like an appropriated corporate mascot slapped on the flank of a vehicle delivering syrupy slugs of overpriced brown fizz to the masses. There's…

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Never Forget: Farming Simulator 2013 Release Date

It's important for us to remember that Farming Simulator 2013 comes out next week. Yes, this really is the the month for all the important releases that battle for your attention, and it's hard to see how games from Arkane or Firaxis can really hope to compete with combine harvesters and some kind of potato-gathering machine. Farming Simulator 2013 will be released on the 25th…

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A Korea In Tanks: Theatre Of War 3

The third Theatre Of War game posits a trip to Korea, and it might be a pleasant excursion for the hefty RTS, which previously made gamers feel tired with its stodgy presentation. This time around it's looking significantly more dynamic, with a non-linear campaign that adapts to your wins and fails, and lots more toys to direct the carnage with, including the ability to get…

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