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RTSFPS Executive Assault Out On Steam Early Access

Executive Assault screenshot

It must be very lonely, being a corporate executive. You sit in your expansive office, alone with your thoughts, largely focused on acquisitions and gross revenue and profit margins and double mocha frappuccinos and flipcharts and the like.

Executive Assault [official site] goes one further, because as far as I can tell you don’t even have human playthings employees to boss about, giving you for a brief fleeting moment the joy of human contact. Nope, it’s just you. You and your army of robots.

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FPSRTS? YES! Executive Assault

Fun fact: I have never won a stare down with a robot.

Finally. FINALLY some more people have realised Dungeon Keeper 2’s possession mechanic was rad as hell. Executive Assault is a sci-fi RTS/FPS hybrid, which isn’t an entirely unique genre but one grossly underpopulated. You build up a standard RTS base while also being able to directly control individual units, which is the sort of thing I quite literally dreamed about in my younger years. And now one-man squad Hesketh Games have it up on Greenlight. You can use your magic powers/future technology to view the trailer through my eyes, or click through to it below. Your choice.

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