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The Kumar At Number Zero: exp. 0 Out

Yeah, I could have worked for Edge if I wanted. All that lovely white space.

It’s taken a while, but this finally worked its way to me. You may remember that he did a trial run, yes? Well occasional-RPS contributor Mathew Kumar has released issue zero of his exp. fanzine. It’s a short collection of game articles approaching stuff from angles so tangential that they could be used as a dimension-skipping threat to the Earth in an epic comic-crossover. PC relevant stuff includes meditations on how on earth Batman’s base in Arkham Asylum got constructed, Torchlight cut-out-and-keep paper dolls and the Modern Warfare No Russian cocktail (Which you serve as a White-Russian, denying that it’s not). Also, an article about X360 oddity Deadly Premonitions which I simply don’t understand at all. You can buy online, here for seven – count ’em! – dollars.

Are Your Exp.erienced? Kumar Goes Ziney

This will be today's least of our Photoshop marvels.

Our second favourite Scots-Malaysian person of all time (behind Betty Boo), occasional-RPS contributor and general games journalist king Mat Kumar has done a zine. Exp. is “Intended to offer a different and defiantly print-orientated style of video game writing, the magazine takes the form of several experiential articles considering the games Mathew experienced from the 21st September to 25th October 2009 (though not in chronological order.) The articles aren’t reviews or critical essays, and are instead intended to reflect the thoughts had while playing”. Crikey! Lots more details here, plus ordering info for where you can put down your COLD HARD CASH. Of course, this isn’t the end of his recent extra-curricular activities. He also designed a cocktail for Ste Curran’s All-Tomorrow’s-Parties’ festival chalet, inspired by the famed incident where he crashed the ListenUP podcast whilst steamingly drunk, as described here.
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