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Vroom For Everyone: F1 Online Open Beta

Codemasters' cars wot go fast management game, F1 Online, has now entered open beta and since it's a microtransaction-scoffing online sort of a thing, that means anyone can play it right now without spending so much as a penny, in any sense of the phrase. Ace car-pilot Brendan took a look at the game for us almost exactly a month ago today and found it…

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Feature: A Tried And Tested Formula

Hands On: F1 Online

RPS was recently in desperate need of somebody who knew a thing or two about Formula One, so they could cover Codemasters’ new browser-based management sim, F1 Online. And since my very favourite palindrome is ‘racecar’, they immediately thought of me. Here's how I got on.

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Car Wot Goes Free: F1 Online Beta

Is Formula 1 still popular, then? I thought it would have gone out of fashion now it's been followed up with Formula 2 and Formula 3. But then people still play Battlefield 1942 even though Battlefield 3's out. You hopeless nostalgics! The sport of driving long, fast cars around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around…

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Codies Announce A Different F1 Game

Codies are apparently working on another F1 game (as distinct from the standard full-priced simulatoryish racing game offering) which will be a free-to-play thingum snappily entitled F1 Online. It is powered by that lovely Unity engine, and as such will appear in a browser, allowing you to manage a Formula One team but do some fancy (what appears to be top-down Micro-Machines style) racing against…

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