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Fairy Bloom Ultra Encore Released & Some Freesia Logic

Ah, understandable naming conventions, may you never spread to the shores of Japan. Fairy Bloom is a freeware Japanese indie game from 2005 about defending a giant plant from evil red versions of yourself. All the fun of a button-mashing action platformer without any of that payment-requiring plot, progression or 3rd dimension. It’s alright and still available if you’re into that.

Fairy Bloom Freesia was released in 2012, taking the basic concepts of Fairy Bloom, particularly that enemies could be hit into each other, and adding to it. It removed the plant and made your character the target, adding a block button and more complex play area as well as unlocks and more complex combos. The newly released Ultra Encore strips all that away again, being an HD version of the original game. The right direction? Well, no.

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