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Return To Sender: Fakteur

I could describe Fakteur in such a way that you’d expect it to be the most charming game you’ve ever played, with dark edges bristling behind the cotton candy exterior. The player character is a postman, pleasingly poised atop a bicycle seat rather than chugging around in a smoke-belching van. Those things are hazards – zipping around country lanes at an unsuitable rate of knots – no matter how adorable the black and white cat in the passenger seat might be. Perhaps it’s simply the fact that the game is French (with slightly iffy translations), but I was reminded more of Jour de FĂȘte than Postman Pat, even though the pace here is sedate, the world crafted from paper and the situations melancholy. It’s a free game in which letters change lives and the postman has the power to manipulate the mail.

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