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Fantastic Blood Boy!

The churlish part of my brain (which is about 70% of it, roughly) is busy yelling at me to never, ever link to The Independent Gaming Source again because they’ve just called me ‘Alex’ for the second time, but Denzel Yu & co’s regular round-up of wondrous indie delights is far too splendid to possibly ignore. (Plus we do, of course, hugely appreciate their occasional links to RPS. Us PC game blogs gotta stick together).

This time, they’ve introduced me to Fantastic Blood Boy!, a mightily charming submission to their Videogame Name Generator competition (an awesome concept in and of itself – create a game based on an auto-generated silly name). Stumbling back home after two days away, most of it spent on public transport, Bloodboy’s agreeably near-mindless carnage turned out to be exactly what I wanted to point my exhausted eyeballs at.
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