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The Joy of Far From Noise’s transcendental sunset


Far from Noise‘s protagonist has gotten herself in a bit of predicament. She is stuck in a car that is delicately balanced on the side of a steep cliff. To make things worse, the car’s engine has flooded and it needs all night to cool down. Now staring death in the face, and with a long night ahead, she starts to question aspects of her life and her past decisions. It’s a narrative-driven game where the player gets to pick dialogue options and participate in light but thoughtful conversations in a visual novel style.

These conversations take place in front of a beautiful setting sun, which is used as both an atmospheric and symbolic icon in service of conveying ideas of transcendentalism. Read the rest of this entry »

Far From Noise Is A Clifftop Chat-Em-Up

Continuing to drip-feed thoughts about games I played at EGX, let’s talk about Far From Noise [official site]. It’s a gorgeous, ruminative game I found in the Leftfield Collection. It’s also one of those games that I thought I might not write about because of how I felt at the end of the demo, but I keep coming back to it so clearly it has stuck with me.

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