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Latest Squeeze: Faultline

Well, I discover with crushing inevitability and after the tragic mistake of having typoed ‘faultine’ into the RPS search engine before writing this up that Jim’s already covered it. But he didn’t write very much about it, and I liked it quite a bit, so I’m going to post this anyway, before grumpily going to find something else to write about too.

There’s a lovely little shop just across the street from my new flat. Sells everything – magazines, bread, kitty litter, a thousand magazines all featuring Cheryl Cole’s rictus grin on the cover… There’s just one problem. I have to go out the house and across the street to get it. If only I could temporarily bend space, compressing the distance so that I could simply lean out my window and grab a can of lemonade. Yes, I am that lazy. Faultline, however, is that fantasy.
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New Folder: Faultline

Because today is Monday, one of the most overused days of the week, I am forced to prescribe web-based distraction game, for your health. Today it’s Faultline, which is a cute little platformer in which you folder the level like the pages of a puzzlebook, and then unfold them again to continue your quest. Yes, it’s a one-trick pony, but it’s a pony that can fold itself in half, which is something you ought to see. (If you can make your way past the barrage of advertising, anyway.)