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Alt.Ctrl.GDC: a joyful celebration of brilliant controllers

Alt.Ctrl.GDC - vinylOS

One of the best, most joyful parts of GDC is Alt.Ctrl.GDC – the section of the show floor dedicated to alternative control methods for games. This year was no exception and I played games using a laser lyre, a box of sand and a bookshelf to name but a few. I think my personal favourite might have been the Calvin and Hobbes-inspired Spacebox [official site] where the player clambers into a massive cardboard box and treats it like a spaceship, leaning to and fro, hitting a tinfoil button to fire and wearing a metal colander with pipe cleaners on it as a space helmet in order to enjoy the human PEWPEW noises coming from the headphones hidden inside.

I feel like that one was my favourite because it did an absolutely amazing job of yanking childish glee out of all the players I saw using it as well as the people watching. I would happily have spent the whole morning in that box and was not-very-secretly disappointed when my time was up. If I hadn’t had an appointment to get to I would probably have asked whether I could do some helpful colouring in on the sides of the box or help make backup spaceships from their stash of emergency replacement boxes and duct tape.

TL;DR? Graham, this is my resignation – I’m going to go and become a cardboard spaceship captain forever now. Read the rest of this entry »

Quadrilateral Cowboy scoops IGF Grand Prize

Hacking heist ’em up Quadrilateral Cowboy has won the Grand Prize at the 2017 Independent Games Festival awards, taking home $30,000 (and another $3,000 for winning the Excellence in Design award). The ceremony went down last at the Game Developers Conference, with other winners including Ladykiller in a Bind and Hyper Light Drifter. The IGFs may no longer turn up many huge surprises but they are a handy pointer for some good games you might have missed. As luck would have it, Brendan’s first IGF episode of the RPS Electronic Wireless Show went up only last night, chatting with Quadlatcowbo creator Brendon Chung.

The Game Developers Choice Awards were also last night, right after the IGFs, but tch! you don’t need them to tell you about the existence of games like Overwatch, Firewatch, and presumably other things suffixed ‘watch’. Pokéwatch Go etc. Read the rest of this entry »