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Feature: Hackneyed

Watch Dogs Legion review

Diane Ganguly is a totally ordinary Londoner; one of the nine million NPCs who put the “Legion” in Watch Dogs Legion, since they can all be recruited and made playable. She’s a talent agent in her early thirties, with a pet owl, an anti-immigration voting record, and a history of going to furry conventions. As I said, totally ordinary. Until now, that is. Underground hacker…

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Feature: Take a good look at Night City and its Metro system with these maps

Cyberpunk 2077 map: every location in Night City explored

Cyberpunk 2077 takes place in Night City, a seven-million-strong metropolis with danger and opportunity in equal measure around every corner. CD Projekt Red have said that while Night City is smaller than the map of its previous RPG, The Witcher 3, it's considerably denser, and there's an enormous amount for players to explore and discover. In this Cyberpunk 2077 map guide we'll walk you through…

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Feature: 2D is the greatest D I've ever known

Have You Played… Sonic Generations?

The first time my friend showed me a blue hedgehog whizzing across the screen from left-to-right, I knew I had to get a Mega Drive. It didn’t stop there, though: I had to read the comics, watch the cartoon, get the toys. Sonic The Hedgehog became a pivotal figure in my life as soon as I laid eyes on him.And then he let me down.

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Feature: Scourgebring it on

ScourgeBringer review

Comparisons to Dead Cells might come easily, but platforming slash 'n' dash ScourgeBringer feels less like a modernised Castlevania and more like an answer to the question: “What if Samurai Gunn had a single player story mode?” This is a question that nobody, save the developers of this gun-toting room clearer, seems to have asked. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

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Feature: What are the requirements for running Cyberpunk 2077 on Low and High settings?

Cyberpunk 2077 system requirements: minimum and recommended PC specs revealed

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most impressive-looking games we've ever seen, from a standpoint of pure visual fidelity. We've caught many glimpses of a neon-drenched and rain-splattered Night City by now, and it all looks absolutely gorgeous - but what kind of machine will you need in order to make the game look this good while you're playing it? Below we've outlined both the…

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Feature: Which Lifepath should you choose in Cyberpunk 2077?

Cyberpunk 2077 classes: every Lifepath explained

Cyberpunk 2077 places a great deal of weight on the opportunity to play out V's story however the player wants. The first major choice you have to make when deciding on the direction of your story is which class, or Lifepath, you should choose: Corpo, Nomad, or Street Kid. This Cyberpunk 2077 classes guide will walk you through each Lifepath, and what changes in your…

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Feature: Prest-o change-o

Hadr is a game about a cloth and it made me feel like a serial killer

Hadr is an indie puzzle game that one would, I suppose, mostly describe as physics-based, if we were being very dry about it. You are a cloth, or several bits of cloth, depending on the level, and anything that you can cover up will vanish. A birdcage. A lamp. Most of a sofa. Whomph. Gone. I suspect is intended to be melancholic and floaty. Except.…

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Feature: No butterflies allowed

Have You Played… She Remembered Caterpillars?

She Remembered Caterpillars is a very good puzzle game that combines colours and logic and, yes, squishy caterpillars, with a sweet story about science and parenting. Also mushrooms, sort of.My feelings about mushrooms as a concept are complicated and often fluctuate, so these days if I think about it too long She Remembered Caterpillars is close to being a horror game for me. So let's…

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Feature: We are so bad at our jobs, Cyber Officer Davey

Solving crimes in Cyberpunk 2077 needs to be less like Arkham and more like Paradise Killer

As we get closer to Cyberpunk 2077 launch day (which I imagine will be like when Elon Musk punts one of his cars into space just because), my life has become increasingly blurred. By day I am immersed in video game stuff, looking back through the Night City Wires and prepping as much as possible for a huge action RPG that will consume at least…

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Feature: Nvidia's BFGPU is a big friggin' waste of time and money

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 review

Billed as the "big ferocious graphics card" (or BFGPU) of Nvidia's new RTX 30 line-up, the RTX 3090 is effectively their new Titan card in all but name. With a huge 24GB of GDDR6X memory and a massive 10496 CUDA cores, its specs look positively beastly compared to the RTX 3080, but in practice it's anything but. While Nvidia have happily talked up how the…

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Feature: Some top tips for defeating the Juggernaut in Warzone.

Warzone Juggernaut Royale [Season 6]: tips and tricks for killing a Juggernaut in Warzone

The Juggernaut has long been a formidable foe in Call of Duty games. In Warzone, where you have limited resources and respawns, they're downright terrifying. A good thing to realise early on is that while strong, Juggernauts are not invincible. With careful planning and the right tools, they can be taken down, giving you the chance to don the armour. Here's some top tips on…

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Feature: How to get the most out of Cyberpunk 2077's character creation

Cyberpunk 2077 character creation: all customisation options and attributes revealed

In Cyberpunk 2077 you are placed in the shoes of V, a protagonist with enormous scope for customisation thanks to the game's deep character creation system. Below, we'll walk you through every aspect of character creation, including your seven attributes and their uses, and the full depth of appearance customisation in Cyberpunk 2077.

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Feature: Wot I thi-(dies)

Ghostrunner review

Elite cyber ninja? I died 1423 times in Ghostrunner. Over a seven hour campaign that roughly works out at three deaths a minute. That’s the kind of toll even today’s shower of political leaders would struggle to shrug off. A body count so vast I wonder if I ever actually understood Ghostrunner or simply fluked through. In the same way that I passed my driving…

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Feature: Find out how Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer will work and when to expect it.

Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer: release date, microtransactions, and more

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding CD Projekt Red's colossal RPG, Cyberpunk 2077, is whether players have the option to play the game in multiplayer. Is multiplayer part of the main Cyberpunk game? If not, when can we expect it? And how will it work? Find the answers to all these questions and more with our below Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer guide.

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Feature: Is the JAK-12 the new shotgun to beat?

Best Shotgun in Warzone [Season 6]: a guide to Shotguns in Call Of Duty: Warzone

There was a time when shotguns absolutely dominated the confined spaces of Modern Warfare's multiplayer modes. But when it comes to Warzone, where additional health makes it more difficult to drop enemies in one or two shots, are shotguns at all viable anymore?Our Best Shotgun in Warzone guide will walk you through detailed stats and opinions on all six shotguns in Warzone, explaining how each…

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Feature: In-depth stats on the new AS VAL and SP-R 208!

Warzone weapon stats [Season 6]: recoil patterns, damage profiles, range dropoff values, and more

Season 6 of Warzone has burst onto the scene, placing two new weapons in the hands of its players and, as usual, telling you nothing about them. But if you've searched far and wide for up-to-date, concise, reliable Warzone weapon stats, then breathe a big sigh of relief: they're waiting for you just below. This Warzone weapon stats guide is fully up-to-date for Season 6…

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Feature: Is the AS VAL the new best Assault Rifle in Warzone?

Best AR in Warzone [Season 6]: a guide to Assault Rifles in Call Of Duty: Warzone

Assault Rifles are by far the most versatile and numerous weapons class in Call Of Duty: Warzone. They are reliable, effective at any range, and the backbone of the vast majority of Warzone loadouts out there. Our guide to the best AR in Warzone will walk you through the stats, attachments, and relative power of all 13 Assault Rifles in Season 6 of Warzone. Below…

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Feature: Check out our Warzone weapon tier list for Season 6

Best guns in Warzone Season 6: a Warzone weapons tier list

Knowing the very best guns in Warzone like the back of your hand is a key skill in Modern Warfare's uber-popular Battle Royale mode - and we're here to help you hone that skill. Below you'll find our tried and tested Warzone weapon tier list, along with detailed explanations and tips on the very best guns in Season 6 of Warzone.

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