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Fortnite health and shields: healing item tips and strategies

In Fortnite, keeping your vitals up is key to winning games. Therefore it's very important that you keep plenty of healing items on your person and know when to take them in order to patch yourself up after a fight. Shields have recently changed a bit, not least because of the number of small ones you can stack, but also how much they protect you.…

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Fortnite One Shot LTM: best strategies, how to win at One Shot

Fortnite Battle Royale isn't just about the Battle Royale mode. It has Limited Time Modes, or LTMs for short, that change up the game in different ways. One Shot is a sniper-only match type, with a heavily reduced set of healing items, low gravity, and zero fall damage. This guide goes over the rules for One Shot, as well as providing some small tips to…

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Feature: 365 days of train

Metro Exodus release date, pre-order, trailers, setting, combat, crafting, story

Metro Exodus, the third instalment in 4A Games' renowned FPS survival horror mutant-'em-up series, will very soon be upon us. So what better time than to compile everything we know so far about the game into the below Metro Exodus guide, with full release date and pre-order details, trailers, information on the story and open-world setting of Metro Exodus, and how combat and survival in…

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Feature: Dead baby foxes

The First Tree review

There is a fine line a lot of introspective indie games are walking, between a careful exploration of memories and events, and solipsism. For me, The First Tree leaps over that line with a clumsily implemented, wildly incongruous double-jump. Sanctimonious from the opening moments, this is a mediocre third-person exploration game made nauseating by the most self-obsessed narration I've ever encountered. It makes Dear Esther…

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Feature: Selfies, emojis and refugees

Bury Me, My Love review

"A game about Syrian refugees" has certain connotations, at least if you are not yourself a Syrian refugee. I expected sustained suffering, a maudlin and desperate tone, confusing cultural differences and a great deal of poetic misery. Which, well, probably says a few uncomfortable things about me, doesn't it? Because Bury Me, My Love, which plays out as a quasi-real-time text message conversation documenting one…

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Feature: Pre-prepared to die

Have you played… Knight Lore?

A few days ago, I gave up on outwardly promising surrealist RPG Nashbored an embarrassingly short way in, due to a wildly misjudged trap-dodging section (one part of which reset me back to the start of the banal puzzle if I failed to skip past any one of its five rows of patrolling doomblades - you know the sort). I mean, sure, whoever designed that…

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Feature: I have mixed feelings about this one

HyperX Cloud Mix review: An all-in-one Bluetooth and wired headset

If you've ever wished you could wear your gaming headset out and about without looking like a walking, talking RGB Christmas tree, then you might want to turn your attention to the HyperX Cloud Mix. Indoors, it connects to your PC via its two-pronged 3.5mm adapter; outdoors, its Bluetooth 4.2 support means you can also listen to stuff and take calls on your phone or…

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Fortnite Team Rumble LTM: best strategies, how to win at Team Rumble

Fortnite Battle Royale isn't just about the Battle Royale mode. It has Limited Time Modes, or LTMs for short, that change up the game in different ways. Team Rumble on the other hand is essentially a deathmatch mode, complete with respawns. This guide goes over the rules for Team Rumble, as well as providing some small tips to get started playing this temporary mode.

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Feature: How Ignis makes you want to experiment with food yourself

Overthinking Games: Final Fantasy XV’s love of food

For the sake of snappy videogame design, eating is often the first thing that falls by the wayside. After all, food and all the associated processes take time, time that in most games is better spent elsewhere. Just like in real life, having to hunt around for food in the middle of an adventure often tampers with the pacing. There are exceptions, but food prep…

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Feature: Cephalopodic

Steam Charts: Octopodiformes Edition

A lot of people first discover this Pulitzer Prize-winning* column via the Steam pages for their favourite games, and it's always a pleasure to welcome in new readers to RPS's most respected feature. So if you're new, welcome! Please settle in and find out why Steam Charts is the industry's most respected and revered games journalism.

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Feature: I’m gonna make a chimp zoo

Dwarf Fortress diary: The Basement Of Curiosity episode one – crushed legs and eagle guts

Most articles about Dwarf Fortress start with a long-winded attempt to explain Dwarf Fortress, but this one won’t. I don’t want to tell you what this game does - I want to show you, right now. Then, if you’re interested, you can learn all about what it is afterwards.

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Fortnite 14 Days Of Fortnite challenges: holiday tree locations, candy cane locations, goose nests, snowflake decorations

There's not very long to complete the 14 Days of Fortnite challenges, the set of free challenges that are themed around the popular Christmas Carol. Some challenges are relatively simple, but others require a bit of knowledge going into each game. This guide will go through each one, pointing out some of the more complicated challenges and locations, before time runs out.

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Fortnite challenges: Week 5, battle star location, water tower locations

It's the new year, and Fortnite's seventh season keeps on going with week 5. This time we're hunting for yet another Battle Star, causing structural damage to your enemies fortifications, and dancing on towers - as you do. This guide will go through each challenge, as well as show the locations of the towers and high places you need to dance on, where to drop…

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Fortnite challenges: Week 4, fireworks locations, sign locations, wooden object locations

Fortnite's seventh season continues ever onward, and week 4 will go off with a bang, literally. We'll be firing off fireworks to celebrate the festive season, as well as finding some signage for a shop that's been scattered throughout the map, and even some vandalism by destroying wooden objects. This guide will detail how to complete the challenges for the fourth week, as well as…

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Feature: The best Steam games you missed over Christmas

Unknown Pleasures: The Last Gasp of 2018

We're back! Did you have a good Christmas break? Get into that backlog, did you? Yeah, me neither. Not to worry! Due to the awkward way the games industry and linear time interact, this week's selection is technically of 2018 vintage, so you're allowed to try them all without any anxiety or apologies to the other 73 unplayed games you'll totally get round to sometime…

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Fallout 76 server status: maintenance schedule, patch notes, when is Fallout 76 offline?

Fallout 76 is an online game, so naturally there are going to be times where Bethesda are busy shooting bugs like these armoured fellows shooting this Scorchbeast. Since information is only ever published in certain areas of the internet, you may not see the advance notices before it goes down. That means a night's plan may be ruined. Nobody wants that. In order to avoid…

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Feature: Age of Empires meets That Ant Colony In Your Garden

Have you played… They Are Billions?

They Are Billions is the video game equivalent of spending time assembling some sort of mechanical thing - a rocking chair, let's say, with various interlocking parts. And then, as you step back to view your good work, the cat springs up onto it and, eyes locked with yours, lets loose a magnificent, four-tiered modernist turd right into the middle of the seat.

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Feature: Read more

The Sunday Papers

Sundays are for staring boldly into 2019, grabbing it by the horns, vowing to seize each of its 365 days, then taking a nap instead. But not before you read the best writing about videogames from the past week. I'm including some stuff from when I was on holiday, too, and there's nothing you can do about it. At Waypoint, Cameron Kunzelman discussed the limits…

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Feature: Beam me up, Asus

CES 2019: I take it back, the Asus ROG Mothership is the maddest gaming laptop I’ve ever seen

The Asus ROG Mothership is a preposterous piece of technology. I know I said earlier in the week that the Acer Predator Triton 900 was the maddest gaming laptop I've ever seen, but this desktop replacement really takes the biscuit. Not only does this huge great thing need a kickstand to prop up its 4.7kg chassis, but its keyboard can also be folded in half…

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