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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Flash Frustration

I wrote about three games today that were, quite sadly, part of flash sales. In my pizza-birthed delirium, I made the mistake of forgetting to check if the deals would last long enough for me to transfer ownership of this column to an editor. They didn’t. So I am writing this introductory paragraph right now with my eyes carefully narrowed and a frown like thunder. Why, Gods of the Bargain Bucket, why have you forsaken me? I was aiming to introduce an authentic, one-of-a-kind Papa Moomin today as the plushie of the day, but that plan fell apart thanks to a lack of time. Instead, I am going to filch a photo from MadKatrina and show off this awesome snake on a bucket. Honestly, people, why have we not made this wonderful lady into a millionaire yet?
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The RPS Verdict: Dungeons & Dragons

The RPS gang have been playing with dice. Our Dungeons & Dragons campaign (DM’d by Jim) has been slaying goblins and exploring sinister caves for a few months now, so we thought we’d have a chat about it, and consider how it reflected on our many years of playing videogames.

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The RPS Bargain Bucket: What the floof?

We helped put together a bundle of our own this week, which feels slightly bizarre because we’re usually writing about bundles. (At least, I am.) Bargains continue to rain across the internet however, so get out your wallets and start your weekend with a well-considered purchase. (Also, this week’s fluffy chimera is from Jim Huxter.)

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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Black Saturday

Here, in Malaysia, Hungry Ghost Festival is slowly creeping towards the end and soon, it will once again be safe to gallivant through dark alleys. Or something. (You shouldn’t visit dark alleys anywhere, folks. It is a Bad Idea.) This week has been a turbulent mess, for more than one reason, and I apologize for the lack of caffeine-driven cheer. It rather doesn’t help that today has been declared a national occasion for mourning. But where there is life, there is hope! At least, that’s the idea. Enjoy this week’s bucket of bargains, and Mike Luard’s Sonic the Hedgehog Plushie.

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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Arachnophobia

Guys, I have a confession. I spent so much of last week being excited about creating silly YouTube videos (which you can watch here, if you missed it the first time) that I completely forgot to tell you this: someone is making a Horace plushie. Not because we asked her to. Not because it was sanctioned by the editorial overlords. But, because that person is absurdly awesome. I’m absolutely thrilled, and you should be too. However, in the spirit of rambling introductions, I’m going to let you wonder among yourselves who this mysterious person might be while I arrange this week’s deals in the Bargain Bucket. (This week’s adorable plushie comes from MadKatrina.)

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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Insert Pun

I actually watched movies recently. Including The Lego Movie, which I had somehow missed for months. My god, why didn’t anyone tell me that a film could cause such a pure, electronic sense of joy? I am giddy with love. Especially for Unikitty, who should bleed rainbow sparkles. In commemoration of this incredible revelation, I’m including this absurd short video entitled ‘The Pasta Don’ at the bottom of the page. Yes, it’s related to that despicable, rice-eating pink alpaca from last week. (This may or may not have an attempt to convince a good friend of their vocal talents.) Enjoy the fluff-driven insanity, folks.

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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Shell Power

Have you watched Guardians of the Galaxy? I have not but that is on the plate this weekend. And from what I hear, it’s like the chilli cheese fries of comic book-inspired movies, a rowdy montage of action scenes and – dear god, I hope we don’t drown under the video game spin-offs. You know they’re coming. Flee. Flee under your buckets and take shelter with this week’s collection of reasons to spend more money. (This week’s plushie is from one Mr. Cowley. Unfortunately, it does not have a name, children-of-that-nice-lady-who-submitted-the-giant-pink-dog-plushie.)

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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Cat Dog World

It’s Comic-Con International 2014, and you know what that means. It’s time for grand announcements about new intellectual properties, gossip about beloved cult TV series, and a truckload of thematically appropriate bargains. (And anecdotes about questionable behaviour, but those appear to be inexorably tied to the convention experience. Sigh.)

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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Ole Ole

Buckets of fun.

Being on the road is bad for Bargain Buckets. I can’t write and ride. If I do, I’d have to use the bucket for unpleasant purposes. (This is, I suppose, a roundabout way of explaining why I was missing last week.) Has everyone been playing Divinity: Original Sin? If not, you should. It’s absolutely amazing, and it made Adam go on and on about it for ages. I’m completely hooked too, and am already looking forward to mods from the public. No extensive ramble from me this week; I’m writing this as I prepare to bolt out of a thick, wooden door. Enjoy this week’s bucket, and since dosbox’s plushie is themed as such: tell me how YOUR World Cup experience was?

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The RPS Bargain Bucket: So Peculiar

Steam is having their annual summer sales, which means a conglomeration of flash deals and bargains that will no longer exist by the time you read this. Grumble grumble. Similarly, we have reducing prices like crazy and ShinyLoot, BundleStars, and a cast of smaller names filling out whatever space is left. In light of that, Bargain Bucket will only be tangentially focused on games this week. (Unnamed plushie is courtesy of Norbert. I may be terrified of it.)

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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Like Penguins

There’s really not much to say about this week except, “You know Steam is having a sale, right?” But not just them. Everyone seems to be joining into the fun. The real question is, of course, how many of these games will actually be played once the discount frenzy has ended. One? Two? How many will be relegated to the digital depths of game libraries everywhere? Pixar would make a total killing if they swooped in and made a video games-inspired riff on Toy Story. (Yes, I know there’d be a herd of licensing agreements to wrangle. Let’s pretend those don’t exist for a moment.)

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The RPS Bargain Bucket: In the Jungle

There are a lot of fun, fun things happening over at right now, including collections and great titles made stupidly cheap. As of the time of writing, I see a Blackwell Bundle that is 80% off, a mammoth conglomeration of D&D games going for pennies, and friggin’ Incredipede with a 85% discount. Sadly, by the time you read this, they’ll likely no longer be on sales, but it’s wonderful to know that they were mind-bogglingly inexpensive at some indeterminate point in the past, right? Right. Anyway. Keep an eye on People are being wonderful, so you should absolutely attempt to take advantage of their calculated generosity. (P.S: Say hello to the Pengu-lion. He is a new acquisition.)

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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Wallet Bursters

Aaaaah? AAAAAAH. In case anyone was wondering, Tiguh X’s plush Xenomorph actually elicited a bit of a yelp when I first saw it. ANYWAY. Now, ordinarily, I like kicking off Bargain Bucket with something completely unrelated to the column but I’m going to take the opportunity here to point out that Green Man Gaming has gone bonkers with the whole sales thing of late. It’s a veritable explosion of good discounts over there, and they’ve even broken it down into categories for your convenience. The only problem with these sales is the fact they appear to be here today, gone tomorrow. Consequently, there’s a rather large chance that anything I list down will have expired by the time you get to it. Which is, well, not good. Grumble. Hiss. Humbug, and all that. Putting that aside, however, here is this week’s Bargain Bucket.
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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Cats in Planes

This week has been a bit of a blur for me albeit in an awesome way. It’s not every day you’re startled into remembering that a beloved book series is being adapted for the television. (The Strain is squee, guys. Squee.) I can’t abide by the kind of vampires that have slowly crept into media these days. Flashy, sparkly things built for lust rather than terror. Ugh. Needless to say, the vampires in del Toro’s show are anything but sexy. Anyway, here’s this week’s conglomeration of bargains! Enjoy. (And tell me about your favourite horror movies in the comments.) The evil skeleton bunny is courtesy of lemming!
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Wot I Think: Watch Dogs

Press E to grieve. But put away your phone first, at least.

One day you will purchase a multi-pack bag of assorted crisps. Maybe because you’re going to a party, maybe because you’re living on a budget. You won’t be overly fond of any of the contained flavours, every bite will feel a little on the soft side of fresh, and the individual packets will be 90% air, but you’ll at least feel comforted by having choice and abundance.

Welcome to Watch_Dogs, the latest videogame from Ubisoft. You play as Aiden Pearce, a brooding packet of cheese & onion whose hacker-criminal past has led to the death of his niece. Now you must run, drive and hack around its ready salted open world on a quest for truth and vengeance, alternating between salt ‘n’ vinegar main quests and a prawn cocktail of crafting and side missions familiar from Far Cry 3 among others.

Running low on crisp flavours, I may just end my review right here. But there’s something of Watch underscore Dogs stuck in my teeth and I need to unpick it. This is wot I think.

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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Suave People

Who knew cosplay events could be so packed? I spent the earlier part of today cautiously inching through a local mall in search of candid moments. Unfortunately, I didn’t come home with too many photos. I was shy, and everyone else had a better assortment of camera equipment. Also, the shoving. Oh, the shoving. On the bright side, I managed to come home in one piece – you’d really be surprised as to how eager some people are to punt passer-bys out of the way. Obligatory rambling aside, here’s hoping that your week has been excellent. As always, we’ve got a bucket full of cheap games to tempt your impulsive side. The backlog demands feeding. (Dosbox’s dragon sends his greetings to all the ladies.)

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Interview: Adding Shieldmaidens To War Of The Vikings

War of the Vikings, Paradox Interactive’s sequel to the gritty and gruesome War of the Roses, is about to receive its first expansion, a relatively modest addition that adds one new class: the Shieldmaiden. Executive producer Gordon Van Dyke, a veteran of multiplayer development who can trace his history back to some of the early Battlefield games, says it’s an opportunity to not only shake up the way the game is played and the patterns that players are falling into, but that it might also be a chance to challenge a few assumptions about gender.

At Paradox’s annual convention in January, Van Dyke spoke to me about his plans to introduce women warriors to the game and how it was important to him that they be dressed in realistic, practical gear rather than sporting the tired trope of stylised “boob armour,” the sort of curvy breastplates and chainmail bikinis that have plagued video games for decades. He explained how this expansion is his chance to make good on his ambition, why there should be women warriors in his game and how he relishes a chance to challenge some of gaming’s sexist conventions.

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The Sunday Papers

Sundays are for being brief.

  • Keith Stuart at the Guardian looks at the influence HR Giger had over videogames.
  • In turn, the Alien movies would go on to inspire a whole generation of game designers and artists. The first-person shooter Doom mixed demonic monsters with claustrophobic sci-fi environments, and Giger’s weird organic interior designs doubtless inspired the game’s miles of intestinal corridors and womb-like interiors. The influence was surely there too in Valve’s atmospheric Half-Life adventures, with their repulsively transmogrified humanoid creatures, and face hugger-like Head Crabs.

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    The RPS Bargain Bucket: Mountain High

    Lightroom is going to eat my soul. Lightroom has already eaten my soul. After weeks of debate, I finally capitulated and resigned myself to purchasing the software. Then, it devoured my Saturday. All of it. Each and every moment not otherwise spent dealing with human ablutions and food. I am ashamed, but also hopelessly smitten with the software. (Do you have any useful obsessions, Bucketeers?) Fortunately, I managed to extricate myself long enough from Lightroom to hunt down a few, nifty bargains for you. Enjoy. I’m going back to cleaning acne from digital faces.

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    The RPS Bargain Bucket: A Bucket of Joy

    So, I found out the other week that burgers aren’t so much fast food as they are culinary adventures in Britain. Bone marrow, brisket, and fine-cooked beef served in outlets that utilize bodyguards and queues. Is this true, British people? (Tell me about your favorite place to eat. You don’t have to be British.) If so, I need to move. This week’s Bargain Bucket isn’t quite as delicious as one of those fabled burgers, but it does have more than a few meaty surprises. (P.S: That’s Bloop, Oliver and Kristoff in the bucket. And a nameless plant.)

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