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Paperboy: Felix Bohatsch On ‘And Yet It Moves’

Good Friday does, of course, mean one thing: rotating abstract 2D worlds to aid the progress of a crazy-haired man made of paper. We ran a brief story about inventive, long-in-the-making indie puzzle-platformer And Yet It Moves a little while back, and since then the full game’s been released. We’ll have some impressions up on the site soon, but before that we had a chat with developer Broken Rules’ Project Lead Felix Bohastch, one of the masterminds behind a game that began life as a project at the Vienna University of Technology. Soon afterwards, a prototype of AYIM became the 2007 Independent Games Festival Student Showcase Winner, so this commercial version is, quietly, a highly anticipated game.

Beneath the jump, Felix explains the thinking behind the game, why it’s been so long coming, and why the physics-based platformer is a genre so weirdly beloved by indie developers.
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