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Gentlemen, Start Your Raging: Fenix Rage Demo

Fenix Rage got a “hey, this might be alright” out of me back in July, reeling me in with its rock soundtrack and bastard-hard platforming. I thought it looked like my sort of thing, but wasn’t positive it’d be able to compete with the meaty works that have come before. It’s now out with a demo, which I jumped into last night. I was delighted to discover that it’s expertly made, slick to control and easy to learn but nigh on impossible to perfect. You can give it a shot now or read on for some more thoughts.

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Fenix Rage Has Action, Lacks Need For Platforms

What to call a action platformer with platforms that go mostly unused? That is the question of the hour. Fenix Rage makes absolutely no bones about being a demon-hard 2D jump-around-and-get-frustrated ’em up. The blurred fellow above is main character and hedgehog lookalike Fenix, out for revenge after his village is destroyed leaving only two survivors – him and a stranger. He seems quite capable of flight, double jumps and air-dashes, hence my quandry. The small brown square he’s heading towards is a collectible cookie, apparently. I have no idea why he wants them, but I’m sympathetic towards it as a cause.

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