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Feature: If you go into the woods today...

Dino’s Bistro at Feral Vector is not what it seems

With the possible exception of Janice, none of us wanted to go to Janice's birthday party. I knew what I was letting myself in for: an evening of her bunny-eyed enthusiasm, labouring under the delusion that I'd give a damn. Her company was only marginally more tolerable than that of my odious other (subordinate) colleagues. But rumours about Dino's opening night had been swirling for…

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Feature: Several Goatmen were hurt in the making of this article

Feral Vector is a wild, weird festival of game-like things

"I don't know if I should press the secret button", says the man in the armchair. We're prodding at an old CRT TV in Hebden Bridge, displaying nothing but stubborn static. We're stumped, even after five full minutes of fruitless dial twiddling. The TV is tucked into the corner of an old church, a little ways away from the main floor of Feral Vector. I've…

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