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How FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Is Addressing Coin Glitching

FIFA is that game series I play while the rest of RPS shake their heads and sigh slightly. FIFA Ultimate Team is the mode I spend money on, using real currency to buy virtual football stickers which heal bruises on virtual footballer’s thighs, while the rest of RPS wrestle me to the ground and try to get the debit card out of my hand before I bankrupt myself. The fight will intensify: FIFA 16 [official site] is making changes to FUT, which includes lifting the artificial caps FIFA 15 introduced for price ranges on the player trading market. There’s a video explaining the changes below.

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FIFA Ultimate Team On Player Upgrade Spree


Foot-to-ball isn’t actually on the list of “things I do not understand”. I followed it closely for a few years in the mid nineties so I’m not a stranger to how the game works. My reference points, however, are outdated and weirdly specific and I have never played FIFA. This post about FIFA Ultimate Team player updates can only go well then…

N.B. Usually Graham would be doing that stuff but he and John are on a “coffee adventure” so here I am.

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Foot-to-ball World Cup Comes To FIFA Ultimate Team

Will Rooney get sent off? Will Hart fumble the ball into his own net? Who will say something racist or release a sex tape? All this and more...

The foot-to-ball season is over! What does that mean? More foot-to-ball! 2014 is a World Cup year, which means we get to experience the sport being played at the highest level combined with naturally increased levels of drama, excitement, disappointment and tabloid controversy. Who will become this tournament’s national pariah? It’s anyone’s game!

It also means EA has another opportunity to stick you/me for more money in exchange for basically the same game. This year they’re offering up the World Cup not as an expansion or a standalone product at least, but as a free addition to the microtransaction-funded FIFA14 Ultimate Team mode. This is good, because it’s technically free. This is bad, because it’s “technically” free. There’s a trailer below which explains everything. Sort of.

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As Open As Your Goal, Mate: FIFA World Open Beta

I tried to find the worst keeper in the Premier League to make that headline even more hilarious but, unexpectedly, it seems people disagree about this. Look, I don't know.

Association football is, in many ways, the greatest real-world PC game. It’s a squad-based real-time tactical co-op/competitive multiplayer game with over 150 years of lore and canon to obsess over. It has squillions of characters, each with their own stats, backstory, and internal lives right down to daily routines. The game is still updated, but some rules changes are controversial, and other rules are still often misunderstood. You can collect thousands of cosmetic items. That’s a Game Of The Year 10/10 PC Platinum All-Gold Classic if I ever heard of one.

All of which is to say that EA’s free-to-kick FIFA World is now in open beta.

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Seven Days In The Thrall Of FIFA Ultimate Team

Synchronised dancing is a poor defensive tactic.

You might not know it, but FIFA 14 is a strategy game. Not just a game with strategy in it, but a real-time strategy game with units you command against an opponent. It’s also a roleplaying game about levelling up, a management game about economies and trading, a fighting game about manual dexterity and timing moves, and a collectable card game with all the charm of Panini stickers or baseball cards.

It’s a foot-to-ball game, but you don’t need to know anything about the sport to love it. I mean, I got into foot-to-ball because of FIFA, not the other way around. I have played perhaps a thousand hours of it over the past three years. And now, with FIFA 14, I’m taking my first steps into FIFA Ultimate Team. Let me explain to you why GManhattan FC is now my favourite club in the world.

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