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NEARLY FINISHED HIM! Street Fighter X Tekken PC Date

Well that's not very gentlemanly.

Capcom’s on-again-off-again romance with the PC seems to be firmly set to ON at the moment. Not only is Resident Evil 6 slated for a PC release this November, but Street Fighter X Tekken is set for PC in May. 11th May to be precise. That’s a strange two months later than the console release, but it’s still an interesting release for a platform that isn’t exactly overwhelmed by ‘fighting’ games. We’ve got the five new PC screenshots below.

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Opinion: Is Fighting Being Dumbed Down?

It would be most ungentlemanly to comment on the ass of the guy on the far right

I got into a fight last night. Alas, not the hand-to-hand combat kind, though that was my intention. Smear some young Turk’s blood across my knuckles, drink his fear like some ethereal digestif, all that. After an excellent evening with the Royal Dragoon Guards we cleared away the tables to engage in some after-dinner boxing. Now, imagine the look on my face when I was handed an absurd pair of gloves with the thickness of a winter coat! Naturally I informed my hosts that these wouldn’t be necessary. Apparently, this was not an option.

Gentlemen, allow me to inform you of the Marquess of Queensberry Rules for boxing.
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