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Resident Evil movie reboot promises to be more Resident Evil this time

Another Resident Evil film is in the works - and this time, it might actually somewhat resemble the series it's based on. That's no shame on the W.S Anderson flicks, of course, that series very much growing into its own brand of action-horror pulp. But with more deets on the upcoming reboot arriving today, our next cinematic take on Capcom's spook 'em up is bringing…

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Rapture’s Required Reading

I love things like this. I've got into some of my favourite things via creators of things I've loved recommending them - following the trails to interesting places. Because if they've inspired something you've loved, they've got to be pretty good, yeah? That thought process has lead me to everything from Vonnegut to the Buzzcocks to Nethack. Anyway, Gametap asked Ken Levine for his list…

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