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EA’s Non-GAAP Figures: PC Beating Consoles

This is what profits look like. Mmmmm, profits.

EA did one of their financial phonecalls last night. I’m so glad I don’t have to do those, telling lots of people I don’t know that I spent all my money on gadgets and Chinese takeaway. But within their announcements that The Old Republic is out-pre-ordering even Battlefield 3, there was one even juicier tidbit of information. When measured by EA’s non-GAAP accounting methods, PC is making them more money than either console.

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EA Info-Splurge

Ew, we look branded.

Dragon Age 2 could be with us as soon as 2011? This appears to be one of the headlines to emerge from EA’s latest telegraph broadcast, alongside Dead Space 2’s peculiar disappearance from the PC, release dates for APB and Crysis 2, and signs of improving fortunes at the publisher. Oddly enough there’s details below.

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