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Abandon Ship lowers the anchor until 2018

Sailing down along the coast of High Barbary

Avast, et cetera! Abandon Ship is the FTL-like game of nautical combat and crew management where you sail across a big oil painting of the high seas. We’ve previously peered through the news telescope at its exploration, lifeboats and flailing tentacles (Kraken ahoy!) It’s been a bit delayed, say developers Fireblade Software, and now sails into early access in “early 2018”. As compensation, we’ve been given a 30-minute playthrough to inspect, with running commentary from the lead developer. Spoiler: the navigator gets blown overboard and drowns. Read the rest of this entry »

Abandon Ship: FTL vs Sunless Sea on a deadly-beautiful ocean


We’ve been gently drifting through a sea of “FTL but in a…” games for a while now, and I see no reason whatsoever for that to stop any time soon. Roguelite + survival + management + fragile vehicular home + TERRIBLE THINGS KEEP HAPPENING is an excellent formula for what feels like a very personal videogame story every time you play. Abandon Ship [official site], which we’ve looked at previously, is an upcoming FTLbut with a Pirates of The Caribbeany sort of vibe (earpiece-directed, rote scenery-chewing not included) – i.e. big ships and bigger monsters.

Previous look-sees at Fireblade Software’s nautical permadeath odyssey have focused on the ship-to-ship and ship-to-kraken combat, but now we get a lengthier look at the aspect which most appeals to me – exploring the wild blue-green yonder, seeing the sights and constantly worrying that an enormous tentacle will suddenly burst from beneath the painterly waves.
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FTL-like Abandon Ship fires broadsides in combat trailer

Jaws 2 has the most deceptive tagline of all time. “Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water”, it chortles, threatening you with an angry shark. The lie here, of course, is that it’s never been safe to go in the water. If it’s not a shark that gets you, it’ll be a jellyfish, and if it’s not a jellyfish, it’ll be a kraken or the ghost of a diver. It’s an awful place, the water, but Abandon Ship [official site] makes it look like a fantastic destination for adventure.

It’s a bit like FTL with waterships instead of spaceships, and the latest trailer shows us the combat. And some terrible, unpleasant tentacles.

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Abandon Ship Looks Like FTL On The High Seas

When we reviewed Tempest, a game of piracy in a fantasy setting, I came away saddened that it was all grinding turns and cannon aiming, with crew management that wasn’t very personable or fun. “Why has nobody successfully transferred the shipboard panic of FTL or the crew management of XCOM to a wooden frigate on the high seas?” I lamented. “Maybe in the future, some developer will plunder those design lessons.”

Well, shiver my timbers, it looks like Abandon Ship [official site] wants to do just that. Read the rest of this entry »