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Epistory dev’s Algo Bot swaps typing for coding

Algo Bot

I’ve never entirely understood the appeal of games featuring programming elements. They ask you to enact one of the trickiest parts of development, but without rewarding you with a finished game at the end. Algo Bot – a new puzzler from the developers of horsey type-’em-up Epistory, which Pip enjoyed a fair bit – features programming, but wraps it up in an attractive sci-fi world where WALL-E-esque robots bicker in gleaming spaceship hallways. It’s out now on Steam for $8.99/$6.47.

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My Type Of Game: Epistory – Typing Chronicles

I picked up Epistory – Typing Chronicles [official site] after a reader recommendation on our own Steam Sale recommendation post (it all gets a bit recursive sometimes). I’m so glad I did. John wrote an official WIT earlier in the year and was charmed by it, but I wanted to chuck in my own two cents after an evening spent typing and gawping. I mean, it’s a game which takes an active pleasure in language and typing patterns and that’s so cool.

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Wot I Think: Epistory – Typing Chronicles

Typing games are not a new idea, obviously, but they remain a rare pleasure. Clearly the greatest of them all is Typing Of The Dead (okay, it’s not actually that great, but the concept is), and 2011’s Z-Type was a nice spin on a shoot-em-up. But Epistory [official site] is, I think, the best execution of typing-as-game I’ve seen – a really sweet, superbly atmospheric action RPG where all the controls are on your keyboard. Here’s wot I think:

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Happy Ending! Epistory Riding Fox Out Of Early Access

In Epistory [official site] you play as the muse inside the head of a writer facing a block, and you’ll create and expand the world as you, huh, type. Yes, it seems that gameplay is largely a Typing of the Dead-style affair, but it looks pretty, and you ride a giant fox! I wish I could ride a giant fox. Or that I was smaller so I could ride a regular fox.

The game is getting a full release on March 30th after a few months spent in Early Access. I’ll tell you more, but only if you help me through my writer’s block by clicking the jump.

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