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No Man’s Sky Fixes And Workarounds

A man, patching No Man's Sky, yesterday.

No Man’s Sky may well have been Steam’s biggest launch of the year, but there’s no denying it’s having a litany of issues on PC. Everyone at RPS who’s played it has had one problem or another, and clearly from the feedback we’re receiving, so are many of you. So below we’ve collected together all the current fixes and workarounds for the game until next week’s patch goes live.

And if you’re very keen, there’s now an experimental version of the game with untested patches applied. Details for how to access it are below.

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Fallout 4 Fixes: How To Change FOV, Get Rid Of Mouse Acceleration, And Skip The Intro

Bethesda make big, divisive and generally extremely good games, but they really don’t seem to know what a PC are. While we’re certainly used to PC builds of their historically PC series coming out looking like they were sloughed off a console, hastily scraped off the floor, then dumped on a desktop, it still grates. It’s no surprise that the in-game graphics options are negligible, requiring multiple quits and restarts to tweak to satisfaction. It’s certainly no shock that the UI is blatantly designed to be viewed from a sofa, so madly huge and clumsy for us with our noses pressed to the monitor. But it’s pretty shoddy at this point that standard settings like FOV, particular widescreen settings, stuttery framerate limits, and switching off their perennially ghastly mouse acceleration, are hidden in .ini files. Fortunately the smart folks making Steam guides have it all figured out. I’ve explained a few of the fixes below.

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