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Flamberge: Inventive Turn-Based Pike-Stabbing

Graphically somewhat beholden – as 48% of all indie games are, by law – to Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery, but very much doing its own thing in terms of combat controls, Flamberge is a bit of a treat. It’s a simultaneous turn-based strategy-RPG with a medieval fantasy theme, and like fellow simultaneous turn-based title Frozen Synapse & Cortex, much of the tactical thinking revolves around a best-guess as to where your opponents will be when the turn resolves. Then you stab ’em with a cute little pixel lance. Or shoot them with a cute little pixel arrow. Both, ideally.

Fashionably unfashionably, there’s a demo. (And a Kickstarter, but that goes without saying these days.)
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