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Flashpoint launcher is saving Flash games from impending extinction

We've known about Adobe's plans to kill of Flash for years now. Back in 2017 Alice O shouted off a list of memorable Flash games and it's telling that I've an entirely different list in my head (as do all of you) of games that it will be a shame to lose. Fortunately there are enough preservationists here in the wilds of The Internet looking…

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Bohemia: There’s Only One Real Flashpoint Sequel

And it's ArmA2. This is fascinating. The situation where a developer keeps the technology and the publisher gets the name is common enough. There's always obvious competition between the keeper of the flame and the keeper of the name (e.g. Football Manager versus Championship Manager, Far Cry 2 versus Crysis, etc). But Bohemia, in a recent press-release, have made that incredibly explicit. To quote the…

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The Virtua Corps: Rossignol at the Escapist

Jim is away today. Don't be sad. He left something for me to post later and until then you can get your Rossignol fix over at the Escapist, where they've just published his Virtua Corps article. It's about hardcore Solder-Sim fanatics online.One of the finer pleasures of being a journalist who spends too much time in the depths of PC gaming is the number of…

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