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Gabe In Australia

Courtesy of Byteside, we have Gabe Newell’s speech to the gathered Australian gamers when he met modder Joe W-A yesterday posted below. Newell talks about the importance of the PC gaming community to the creativity of the industry. We also get to hear from the modder himself, the chap behind flying Gabe and Erik to Australia in the first place, who seems kind of dumbfounded by the entire thing. A Q&A and some interviews follow. Congratulations to everyone involved, it’s been very funny, and good for charity too.
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Gabe Newell Is Heading Down Under

Map copyright Google. Please don't sue me Google.

It’s official – Gabe Newell is heading for Australia. If you missed the story of how 19 year old L4D modder Joe W-A ended up raising $3000 (US) to fly Gabe Newell and Erik Johnson out to see his L4D map in order to convince Newell to stop boycotting it… Er, you need to go read this and this. Now Valve have confirmed that they’ll be heading to Oz next week, and less official sources are stating that of course they’re paying their own way so the money goes straight to charity.

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Fly Gabe Newell Campaign Exceeds Targets

Not for much longer, it seems.

A quick update on the Fly Gabe Newell story, where amateur L4D campaign maker Joe W-A is trying to raise the money to fly Gabe Newell and Erik Johnson to Brisbane, Australia, so they will call off their boycott of his mod. (Read the original story to make sense of this.) He needed to make roughly $2400 to achieve this. Rather incredibly he’s just broken the $3000 barrier. Gabe, you’re going to Oz.

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