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Drive Any Track Will Powerslide Through Your MP3s

Drive Any Track [official site] will look instantly familiar to anyone who’s played Audiosurf or its sequel, and you’d not be wrong for thinking that. DAT is also a music racing game that constructs its racing tracks based on your personal collection of MP3s (and OGGs and WAVs). Developers Foam recently unveiled it, and are currently vying for votes on Steam Greenlight.

Where Drive Any Track most obviously stands out is in its use of semi-realistic looking cars, which also means that car-based things like power slides are in the mix. Read the rest of this entry »

Umm, Errr, Hmm: Foam Is The Weirdest Thing

Was my house always this purple?
I came, I saw, and I think I conquered Foam. I mean, I did things until – after an hour or so – it ended, anyway. What’d I do, though? Well, I walked to a place, and I walked to another place. Then a door opened in my home, and I’m fairly sure that broke reality. Honestly, though, if most trippy pieces of entertainment are stomach-lurching descents into madness, Foam is more of a gradual down slope – perhaps aided by a harness and a parachute. One moment, I was strolling through a forest, and the next, I was talking to some kind of moon-obsessed mad scientist man. And that, I assure you, is just the beginning. Even the increasingly bizarro adventure’s central mechanic doesn’t really make itself apparent until about 15 or 20 minutes in. So yeah, Foam’s really different. I do have some qualms with it, though.

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