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Folk Tale Devs Outline A Grand Sandbox Vision

Folk Tale materialised over on Steam Early Access recently and, despite it being intensely charming, there’s not all that much of a game there yet. So far it’s a tutorial for the campaign, which has disappointed quite few people. But Games Foundry are promising so much more that… well, I can hardly believe it. Take a look for yourself at the video below, which encompasses a gigantic swathe of sandbox building ambition to put most past efforts to shame. If they manage even half this it’ll make serious waves.
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Folk Tale Tells Of Steam Early Access

Sandbox building game Folk Tale is looking rather promising. This promise comes from it being a rather pleasing-looking cartoon fantasy game of peasant-management in an early stage of development. That won’t stop you from getting your hands on it, of course, because it’s over on Early Access, where you can get the game’s in-development version in exchange for precious gold of varied currencies. There’s a dynamic story system which apparently accommodates your decisions about how to rule your peasants as you knock them into an empire.

Just as a river flows, so a couple of videos explain this stuff below.

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Fableulous: Folk Tale’s Silly Sandbox City Building

I picked this screenshot in part to highlight Folk Tale's impressive ground-level camera option that really backs up its RPG elements, but mostly because COWWWWWWS.

I am legitimately surprised we didn’t spotlight Folk Tale sooner. It looks like a marvelously ambitious fantasy city-builder – featuring fully explorable building/dungeon interiors and an adventure-focused RPG component – with some admirably silly humor to boot. That’s right up our alley, but I checked every stylishly steamy manhole cover and dumpster full of unfinished game diaries I could find, and all I discovered was an offhand namedrop in a Greenlight update. Weird. Now, however, it is time to right that most grievous of wrongs with eight minutes of sensually revealing gameplay footage. Developer Games Foundry even installed a polite narrator man to explain it all to you. Build a bridge past the break to see the whole thing – but only if you consider it a fiscally responsible architectural decision.

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