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A Nose At: Foreign Legion: Buckets Of Blood

With my desktop PC out of action over Christmas – it contracted a nasty case of conjunctivitis of the front-side bus – my options for gaming with my weedy laptop were limited. One thing I did managed to spend a few hours with without the poor thing fainting was indie devs Sakari’s third-person shooter Foreign Legion. It’s cheap, it’s cartoony, it’s about killing lots of wee small men for points. It was pretty much ideal for a 3 hour train journey to the Lake District, in other words.
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Fire and Forget: Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood

I’ve been keeping this new Steam-downloadable third-person shooter on a browser tab for a while, in hope that a demo comes out for it. Except the developers are apparently off on holiday, so that seems to be unlikely. Let’s give it a plug anyway, if only because its feature list includes things like “Fill your buckets with blood by causing suicide bombers to explode prematurely or shoot gory head shots!”. Also, achievements for slaughtering chickens. Ah, chicken. The most persecuted of fowl. It’s just over a fiver right now, and you can get it from here. And see it in action below…
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